What To Do When You Fail The First Time

A couple with no sexual experience, trying and trying but still puzzled, the man is sweating profusely, the woman is stressed, and so passes an unpleasant first night…

Although Hong Kong is a modern metropolis, for a lot of people, sexual issues are still quite taboo. Both men and women have low frequencies of sex, at an average of only 3.55 times a month, and only about 60% are satisfied with their sex life.

Sex is a way for couples to express their intimacy. The first night together may be an unpleasant experience because of a lack of sexual knowledge or experience, but if allowed to continue, it is likely to affect the relationship and they may find fault with each other in their daily lives to vent their dissatisfaction.

It is important to find the problem:

Ejaculate too quickly
This troubles many new couples. Like premature ejaculation, it seriously affects the male psychology. Actually, the first time a man has sex, he is in a high state of excitement and self-control has not been mastered, so he will easily “blow out”. In such cases, there is no need to stress; the accumulation of experience is a must. Patience is fundamental to ensure that the second or third time will be a success.

Penis is weak
Lack of experience, coupled with the moans of pain that sometimes accompany a woman’s first time, often puts fear in the hearts of men and results in impotence. Unfocused thoughts can also affect the quality of erections. Embraces, caresses, and foreplay will help overcome this situation.

Woman cannot tolerate the pain
Women may feel pain if the man has very little physiological knowledge and cannot differentiate between the female urethra and vaginal opening. On the other hand, it may be painful because the woman is too shy and tense. Both men and women must have an understanding of physiology, and men should be more gentle, pay attention to rhythm, and only try to have sex when the female vagina is naturally open and moist.

Penis is painful after intercourse
After the first time, some men will feel pain in the penis. There is no need to be afraid as this may be because their penis is congested after erection, and the back flow of blood is relatively weak. The pain usually disappears after one to three hours. Having intercourse multiple times in a short period of time can also cause pain. Controlling the frequency is an easy solution.

New couples should not excessively pursue climax together, because it is difficult for the speed of men and women’s reactions to be consistent. If the woman’s needs have not been fully met after climax, the man should actively cooperate to help her relax. Hold each other and discuss the feelings of both parties.