The Mistakes Men Often Make During Sex

1. Always holding on to certain rules.

2. Not listening to his partner, not telling her what is in his heart, trying to belittle her. Doing only the things he likes, not taking care of her needs.

3. Makes no mention of taking contraception and disease prevention measures.

4. Not letting her negative reaction stop you. No matter what she says or does, just continuing to do the things at hand.

5. Trying not to be gentle or affectionate in gestures or words. Gentle touches and “I love you” are the kind of things that only women and retarded child say or do.

6. Going one to two days without a bath, a shave, or without brushing his teeth.

7. Trying not to let her know if he has any issues (e.g. cannot maintain erection or premature ejaculation). When his problem becomes apparent, he rebukes her and says it never happens when he is with other women.

8. Not spending time on kissing and fondling non-genital parts, but going straight for the important parts – her breasts and genitals.

9. Hurrying his movements and making her feel like she is taking too long.

10. Making it clear that the sole purpose of being together is to insert his penis into her body, and climax as soon as possible.

11. Not listening to any of her suggestions. If his partner says she needs clitoral stimulation, he tells her other women do not need it.

12. Forcing her to climax, which allows him to be proud of his ability. If she tells him not to stimulate her, or that she does not need to climax that day, he looks insulted and tells her not to be like a traffic cop.

13. Thinking all women like pain, therefore firmly squeezing her breasts, using his teeth against or biting her clitoris when performing oral sex on her, or putting pressure on her clitoris if he is using his fingers.

14. Once he climaxes, stopping to ask her if she has climaxed. Whether or not she achieved climax, he forces her to assure him that he is the best of all the men she has been with. “Did the earth shake?” and “I am the best, am I not?” are two possibilities.

15. No matter what she says, he turns and sleeps, or gets up and dresses, and goes to do more important things such as watching TV.