The Hottest Sex Rumors

Article by KL Escort

Are you affected by these rumors? Worried about your sexuality and sex life? In fact, you do not have to compare a man’s size or persistence, do not have to worry about whether masturbating or having sex is embarrassing or a problem of unsatisfied desire. Everyone has the power to pursue “sexual” happiness, the measurement is in your own mind, and only you know best what is too much and not enough!

Rumor: For men, bigger is better?

Fact: Wrong.

Big or small, it must be applicable. If you have sex with an oversized man, you may suffer. If you think a man is not big enough, try different positions and skills, and you will find that the problem of size is not so serious.

Rumor: Men are anxious for a virgin?

Fact: Half wrong.

The ideal and the actual demand is contradictory, this is a man’s fantasy! Men want to marry a virgin, because he can have the woman’s valuable first time. But ask men if they want a mature woman with sexual techniques? They will nod their heads vigorously too. Do men only want to marry a virgin to show off, and then seek passion and discuss skills every night with a mature mistress? This shows their selfish mentality.

Rumor: Men favor women with big chests?

Fact: Wrong.

If men really marry an F-cup woman, he may feel inferior for not owning an F-size organ! Not every man loves big boobs, because if a woman has big boobs to be proud of, then they may also ask the “same” of their men, is this not asking for trouble? It cannot be denied however that men will have illusions about women with big boobs, a subconscious sense of familiarity and security from memories of being a baby lying on the mother’s breast. But they have not thought, does every dear mother have big boobs?

Rumor: Sex should last as long as possible?

Fact: Wrong.

A long or short amount of time does not mean your partner will reach a certain number of climaxes! Men think the duration of sex is a measurement of his masculinity, but the woman does not think so. Rather than compare the duration of sex, a woman may want to compare the duration and frequency of climax.

Rumor: Men do not fake climax?

Fact: Wrong.

Men will fake orgasms to save face and please a woman! Do not think that only women try very hard to achieve or fake their climax, for a man’s face they must pretend to enjoy it and be very satisfied. In fact, men also have to work hard and disguise climax when they are not satisfied with their performance, so the woman feels that he is very powerful. So, it is tough! Men, next time you are really tired, let the woman go to sleep.