Sex Positions

Sexual position refers to the partner’s posture during intercourse. Theoretically, there should be countless sexual positions, but in fact, the majority of different positions evolve from about six or seven kinds of basic positions. Some people think male-on-top sexual positions are the only normal and acceptable positions for sexual intercourse; others claim that there should be a lot of different sexual positions, and unless one can be proficient in all sexual positions, otherwise one cannot be called a qualified sex partner. This kind of rumor goes on to say that sexual positions with higher physical difficulty levels are able to bring a higher degree of sexual satisfaction. These are false rumors, as no position of any kind has special effects. Lovemaking ability should be measured by the partner’s satisfaction, rather than determined by a person’s knowledge of sexual positions.

Male-on-top position
Universal sexual positions include men on top, women on top, sideways styles, and in from behind styles. Some heterosexual couples as well as gay men also have anal sexual intercourse. These positions can be done lying, sitting, standing, kneeling, or any combination of the above. The position each pair of companions selects is based on their inspiration and the degree of comfort.

In Western culture, men-on-top is the most common position for sexual intercourse. In the 19th century, Christian missionaries believed that male-on-top is the most natural and the most suitable position for sexual intercourse, hence this position is also known as the missionary position. They encouraged exotic converts to abandon “animal-like” positions and only use the male-on-top position. The male-on-top position involves the woman lying down face up with her legs apart, and the man or woman will guide the penis into the vagina. If the woman does not think it is too uncomfortable, the man can lay on the woman; otherwise, he can use elbows, hands, and knees to support some or all of his weight. In addition, some women feel that the male weight limits the ability to move their pelvis. Women can wrap both feet around the man’s buttocks, back, or even on his shoulders. Raising the legs higher enables the man to push deeper when thrusting. However, some women do not like this position’s feeling of deeper penetration.

The male-on-top position slightly restricts the man’s hands from stroking his partner, but the woman is free to use her own hand to stroke the man or stimulate her clitoris. This is a very good position to see and kiss each other during intercourse.

Female-on-top position
Female-on-top means the man is lying down face up, and the woman lowers her own body to sit on her partner’s erect penis, with the man or woman guiding the penis into the vagina. Women can bend their knees and face the man, straighten their leg, or turn around with their back to the partner. Partners may also convert into this position from a male-on-top or sideways position.