Orange is the Most Romantic Color

Traditionally, ambiguous light is for foreplay. Once the movie is officially staged, the practice is to turn off the lights. Over time, it seems that people only dare to relax and enjoy sex in dark shadows. This is especially so for women, who always pick apart their appearance: Her face is not pretty enough, breasts are too small, or thighs are too thick.

However, sexologists suggest that dark environments are not conducive to sexual life, because it will inhibit sexual desire.

Orange-red is the best choice
During sex, in addition to the perfect harmony of two, sight, taste and hearing also play the role of “catalyst”. In a survey published in the U.S., men and women think the sexiest colors are orange, dark blue, purple, black, yellow, green, brown and gray.

Many people think that red is the most enthusiastic and imaginative color, and should become the first choice for sex. However, because red is too uncertain and lacks the ambiguous feeling of sex, and also easily stimulates the brain leaving people in a restless state, using red in the process of sex is a little less exotic. In contrast, red-orange is sexier and not too bright, so women will not object. Therefore, during sex, an orange light may well be a wise choice.

Different colors create different atmospheres
In addition to red-orange, dark blue is also a sexy color. It can give people a feeling of stillness and gentleness. During sex, imagine yourself and your partner under the blue sky, in a canoe. Give traditionally monotonous sex a new twist. However, you have to be careful with the use of blue because at the same time, it has the feeling of coldness. Feeling like you are having sex in ice will not be so romantic, so the best way is to add a bit of warm light to blue tones.

For Asians, purple gives people unlimited reverie. It represents mystery, nobility and romanticism. But purple is after all a cool color, and it is easy to feel depressed if you always use it to decorate rooms. In general, if you want to design a sexual environment with cool colors, you should have warm decorations or light sources.

Music can make up for the inadequacies of black
Even after understanding all this, maybe you still do not want to give up your black sex environment, afraid he might see the fat bulge on your belly, or believing that only black gives you a sense of security. Well then, let us try to make black romantic and warm.

In addition to visual stimuli, in the process of sex, people also need to get enjoyment from hearing and taste. Music can arouse people’s emotions better than real foreplay. Therefore, in a dark sex environment, some lively music rhythms are good to create a sexual atmosphere. Rhythm and blues (R & B) specifically, can be used to express your unspoken love words. You can choose electronic music if you want to change the speed of sex; or choose Arab folk music if you like to try new things, this kind of music often makes people feel very sexy.