Men Who Ignore Foreplay are Prone to Migraines

In sex, if he only knows to drive straight, then immediately let him out! In the eyes of men, foreplay is always treated as a “tantalizer”. Since the arrow is already on the strings, why pretend to pose around? Some think that the longer the duration of sex, the higher the level of sexuality, and the easier it is to meet your partner’s needs. Therefore, they would prefer to go straight to the main theme, deliberately prolonging sex to prove their strength.

Recently, however, German medical research showed that sex should be taken slowly. Too much haste can cause migraines, and be extremely detrimental to one’s health. Neurological studies found that “hurried” sex results in excessive elevation of blood pressure, and sudden migraines occur easily during and after sex. This happens most often between the ages of 25 years old to 50 years old, and the probability is three times higher among men than it is among women. Unfortunately, these men are often too immersed to notice. In fact, severe headaches during climax may increase the risk of sudden cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the future.

In this regard, currently such cases are rare. Although the results of this study are not necessarily suitable for all men, in our sexual life, we really cannot ignore the importance of foreplay. Especially for women, sexual impulses in general are slower than that of men. Their inherent physiological response mode means they enter an aroused state slower. In contrast to bold fanatical scenes, they prefer soft and dreamy subtleties. Therefore, if the male only focuses on the substantive sex stage and always ignores foreplay, it will cause slower female sexual arousal, delay orgasm, and their sex life will be less and less satisfying. Over time, a series of both physical and mental problems will arise, and easily lead to the phenomenon of heart palpitations, insomnia, neurasthenia, chronic pelvic congestion, and other local symptoms.

It is suggested that at the dawn of sexual impulses, you may wish to engage in foreplay for at least 10 minutes. The female erogenous zones are spread all over the body, and men can embrace, kiss, touch and further explore their sensitive spots, complemented by the use of gentle words. You must know, sometimes women are easily satisfied. Some sweet words of love, for them, are great sexual foreplay that stimulates their libido. Many women already gain a certain degree of satisfaction during foreplay, and even climax, after which they would not take much notice of their partner’s stamina.