Masturbation When Alone

You have never had a real sexual experience with a man. When you feel the need, you enjoy masturbation. However, you often wonder if you are still a so-called virgin, and worry that masturbation causes the hymen to rupture.

Actually, many people consider masturbation harmful and privately worry or feel uneasy. This psychological fear is most seen in women, and is often the result of moral guilt. In fact, masturbation is absolutely harmless! It not only helps the individual get 100% pleasure, but also allows the individual to personally explore their bodies and its needs.

As for masturbation causing the rupture of the hymen, as long as you do not insert objects into the vagina, the hymen will be intact. But along with the “masturbation is absolutely harmless” statement, it must be emphasized that you must not touch your important parts with dirty fingers, or insert slender vegetables or other foreign objects into the vagina. This is unhygienic and dangerous, and must be avoided. Masturbation can be a part of each person’s life. Even if you are married or have an active sex life, masturbation does not necessarily disappear.

Q: Can masturbation cause physical fatigue, deformation or discoloration of sexual parts, or frigidity? Am I disrespecting my partner by masturbating?

A: Men and women’s sexual organs are receivers of feeling. They feel things just as you use your fingertips to feel things. When you use “her” to feel and enjoy, you are exploring the body and mind. This process may seem simple, but many people find it awkward. Does it disrespect your partner? Throw off the shackles of moral guilt. The pursuit of sexual happiness is not an evil thing. Through exploration, you will know which parts are most able to enhance your pleasure.

Before sex, you can tell your partner what you have found to thrill you through masturbation. This is the best way to help eliminate any anxiety, shame and guilt. Once both of you have experienced this stage, there will no longer be oppressive attitudes about sexual desire and sexual activity. This is conducive to becoming the best lovers, thus contributing to each other’s erotic life, and deepening mutual joy. Basically, masturbation is harmless, but excessive masturbation does cause some degree of bodily injury. Touching yourself correctly and cleanly does not cause any negative impact. Do not worry! The courage to explore is the strength of contemporary women.