How Long To Wait For Postpartum Sex

Intercourse within six weeks is prone to cause irregular bleeding and infection. The first time should be gentle and contraceptive measures must be taken.

After the birth of your baby, how long before you can begin to enjoy sex again? Usually, six weeks postpartum, mothers should have a medical examination. Once the uterus and inside of the reproductive tract have returned to normal, you can restore married life.

Uterine recovery needs six weeks

After birth, the mother’s womb needs at least six weeks to be restored to its previous state. Whether it was natural childbirth or a cesarean section, the uterus and birth canal needs to gradually shrink from the state of extreme expansion of pregnancy and childbirth.

Postpartum, the uterus gradually decreases to the pelvis at the speed of about one to two centimeters per day. After about ten days, the cervix closes. Under normal circumstances, it takes six to eight weeks for the placental endometrium to fully grow and heal. Therefore, at this time, marital intercourse should be strictly prohibited.

In addition, for the postpartum period, the vaginal wall mucosa is fragile and premature sex is likely to cause injury. If there are perineal lacerations, vaginal lacerations or cervical tears, pain, irregular bleeding and other problems may occur during sex, thus affecting wound healing.

Pregnant women go through physical exertion. Their postpartum body is relatively weak and there is decreased resistance. Premature sex easily introduces bacteria that affect the endometrium wound healing, causing vaginitis, endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease and other gynecological diseases, which may be severe and even life threatening.

A comprehensive inspection of the reproductive system

Six weeks postpartum, mothers should go to their obstetrician and conduct a comprehensive inspection, in particular, a very careful examination of the reproductive system. If the check results reveal no problems, you can resume sexual activity.

Postpartum, because the majority of mothers are still breast-feeding, the female hormone secretion is not yet restored to its pre-pregnancy levels, the vagina is relatively dry, and the vaginal mucosa is more vulnerable. At first intercourse, the husband needs to be more considerate; actions should be gentle and moderate, with lots of time to fully prepare.

Postpartum intercourse may cause vaginal lacerations that lead to bleeding. Once there is bleeding, timely treatment is important to prevent excessive bleeding. After treatment, women generally heal well.

If the husband simply wants to satisfy his personal desires, and is not considerate and caring of his wife, it is likely to cause his wife’s displeasure, resentment, and could even lead to female frigidity.